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Hurricane Florence Update Site - 2018

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**Current Updates**


Hello again!

Based on the news conference from Governor Henry McMaster today at 2:30, we have decided at this time to open our corporate offices and most of our retail stores tomorrow morning. However we are monitoring the situation and if there is a decision to close tomorrow   in any additional locations we will update the company website.  Please be sure and check it tonight and tomorrow morning with the latest information on our hours. 


Corporate Office:


Scheduled to open Thursday morning


Retail stores:


Shelter Cove, Charleston King, Charleston Outlet and Myrtle Beach stores closed until further notice


If you feel uncomfortable to attend work tomorrow  in any one of our open locations please reach out to your direct manager and we will accommodate you.


We continue to hope that the storm will not impact our local Bluffton area in any huge way.   Every employee further north in our MB and Charleston stores:   we will be thinking of you all and hopeful that you have evacuated and in a safe spot to ride out the hurricane.




  Location Schedules


  Week of September 10, 2018          
Location Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Corporate Office (Buck Island) Closed - 5:00 p.m. Open  Open Open Open Closed Closed
Calhoun Store Closed - 5:00 p.m.  Open Open Open Open Open Open
Pooler Store Closed - 5:00 p.m.  Open Open Open Open Open Open
Savannah Store Closed - 5:00 p.m. Open Open Open Open Open Open
Charleston Store Closed - 5:00 p.m. **Closed **Closed *CLOSED TBD Open Open
Charleston Outlet Closed - 5:00 p.m.  **Closed **Closed *CLOSED TBD Open Open
Pop Up Store Closed - 5:00 p.m.  Open Open Open Open Open Open
Highlands Store Closed - 5:00 p.m.  Open Open Open Open Open Open
Hilton Head Store Closed - 5:00 p.m. Open Open *CLOSED TBD Open Open
Myrtle Beach Closed - 5:00 p.m. **Closed **Closed *CLOSED TBD Closed Closed
Kansas Office Open Open Open Open Open Closed Closed


Monday, 9/10/18 - Letter From Christy Sheets


Hi Spartina Team,

 Please read through carefully!  Due to the mandatory SC evacuation by noon tomorrow, we are taking the necessary precautions so that every employee is safe.  That is our #1 priority! Here is the update:

  For now: Stores in GA- Both Pooler and Savannah and our store in NC Highlands will stay open until further notice.  If anything changes, I will monitor the situation and you guys let me know as well. 

  ***ALL SC Stores are closed as of tonight.  Here are the stores and times:

 Bluffton Flagship, Bluffton Outlet, Shelter Cove, Charleston, Charleston Outlet, Myrtle Beach-

 ALL CLOSE AT 5PM TONIGHT. Please confirm to me when you are home and safe tonight!!

  Prep List-

 Print out Inclement weather policy and contact list for all employees. 

  1. Have all employees check in with their SMs once a day and SMs check in with me at least once a day or more as needed.
  2. Prep your store- wires, product, boxes, rugs, merchandise off the floor.
  3. Wendy is taking down the QB servers at Calhoun and King St at close tonight.
  4. Put your sandbags out as needed to prevent flooding.

  Here is additional info to have as well:

  Facility Closed

  If the facility is announced to be closed on a given day, all exempt level staff will receive regular pay for the day of closure. Exempt staff are expected to work remotely until Spartina 449 determines is safe to return to the office, warehouse, and retail store.  For hourly or non-exempt employees on a day of closure, the employee will not get paid for the closure.  You may choose to require employees take vacation/PTO for days of closure also.


  It is the employee’s responsibility to call or check the website for information on returning to work.   The information will be updated on a daily basis by 7 pm.

  Spartina Emergency Phone Number:  843-707-1470 ex 205. 

  Spartina Emergency Web Site:




EXT. 205



**Critical Links**


Outlook Web Access Link

Please type the following to login:  spartina\your network user ID then enter your normal network password.


Netsuite Login


LightSpeed Login


Egnyte Server



Curt Seymour Owner 101 816-550-9864
Kay Stanley Owner 102 843-290-9696
Chris Skinner Owner   732-616-3296
Kim Jennings Purchasing Manager 125 912-596-5347
Marketing Department
Mary Finnegan Director of Marketing 112  
Jeff Smith Creative Director of Marketing 105 912-596-5038
Rachel Moore Art Director 119 203-219-2730
Brandon Autry Graphic Designer 106 912-657-1233
Jessica Maples Marketing and Communications Manager 118 843-422-6874
Hannah Hurst  Marketing Assistant 143  
Chris Skinner Marketing Assistant 114  
Chelsey Corgan Photographer 109  
Danielle Sansoterra Graphic Designer 107  
Product Development
Megan Hurtig VP of Creative 220 816-686-6506
Ingrid Reichlin Senior Design Director 104 843-301-6050
Alexis Frankel Senior Design Director 111 215-840-5515
Art Conf Room   153  
Customer Service Department
Tess Cuda Romero Customer Service Team Lead 151 843-304-3523
Angel Lyde CAS 117 912-272-2771
Kelsey Thorpe Jaroszynski CAS   716-720-0584
Lauren LaFord CAS 126 908-319-5026
Kristen Terry CAS 145 201-205-6910 
Paige Ramstack CAS 108 650-504-4993
Sales Department
Riley O'Connell VP of Sales 103 954-501-1098
Kelly Kimball Sales Support Manager 121 843-422-7973
Katherine Silva Trade Show Manager          603-496-5812
Eghe Aigbogun Director of Operations 144 912-272-0295
Julian Carbajal Pick & Pack Lead 129  
Shipping Station-Bluffton   211  
Key Accounts   134  
Clarence Holmes Lead Material Handler 116  
Aaron Stephens Driver   843-338-6633
Sharon Myers and Kim Myers Returns 147  
Rob Beshar VP of  Finance, Operations & IT 123 201-960-6204
Leigh Garlington Human Resouces Manager 128 912-312-2133 
Joyce Biales Finance Manager 135 440-227-3125
Elise Brady Application Support & Project Manager 127 203-482-3882
Wendy Jacobson IT Manager 137 949-351-4643
Patricia Pratt Accounts Receivable Clerk 113 770-794-7070
Andrea Karas Finance Support Analyst 120 732-266-8928
Christy Sheets Director of Retail Stores   843-715-1160
Spartina 449 Flagship Store- Bluffton SC 843-815-9000
Damien Holsclaw Flagship Store Manager   843-298-3557
Spartina 449 Tanger Outlet Store - Pooler, GA 912-450-0449
Chastity Lawson Outlet Store Manager   912-665-4144
Spartina 449 Broughton St. Store- Savannah, GA 912-200-3699
Lachlan Ivy Broughton Street Manager   912-665-3368
Spartina 449-The Highlands-Highlands, NC 828-787-1178
Donna Dasse The Highlands Store Manager   864-985-2363
Spartina 449-Kings Street-Charleston, SC  843-974-4684
Dawn Warfield Kings Street Manager    843-714-5894
Spartina 449-Pop Up Tanger II 843-815-2379
Debra Nuss Pop Up Manager   612-381-6339
Spartina 449-Shelter Cove 843-342-7722
Meghan Wonser  Shelter Cove Interim Manager   623-210-3391
Spartina 449 - North Charleston SC  843-554-4666
Caitlyn Kneafsey Tanger North Charleston   908-672-7455
Spartina 449 -  Myrtle Beach SC   843-712-8108
Kate Holmes Tanger Myrtle Beach SC   518-210-3137










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