Product Care

How to care for Spartina Linen

Spartina Handbags are made of heavy woven linen. All of our linen is treated with a stain and water resistant coating. Our recommendation for care is spot cleaning with a cloth just slightly dampened with warm water.

How to care for Spartina leather

Dampen a lint-free cloth with cool water and wipe the leather clean. Start from the top of the leather and wipe — do not rub — while moving downward. Refrain from saturating it; then let air-dry. Buff it with a lint-free cloth dampened with leather cleaner and conditioner.

Keep all leather away from direct heat and sunlight. Do not dry clean leather or use all-purpose cleaners. Store all types of leather in a cool, dry location that has low humidity.

How to care for Spartina jewelry

Spartina jewelry is gold plated and therefore requires proper care. Our gold plated jewelry is not designed to wear around-the-clock. So please give it a break from time to time. We recommend that you keep your jewelry dry.

Gold plated jewelry can be damaged by sulfides from perspiration or by chlorine and harsh cleaning solutions. To better protect your jewelry, wrap and store it in a chamois cloth when not in use.

Do not wear your piece while you are swimming, showering or bathing. We also recommend that you do not wear it while you are exercising. Always put your jewelry on after you have applied your make-up, perfumes and lotions. If your jewelry becomes dirty, clean with a soft dry cloth.

Store your jewelry in a soft, lined bag or jewelry box away from the sun or heat. Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom where steam and moisture may affect it.

We use genuine leather in our leather bracelets and therefore some natural color variations may occur. Please protect your leather items from water, and remove them before washing your hands. Leather will tend to stretch over time and is not a defect.

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