Oyster Alley

Oyster Alley

Take a stroll with us, on the boardwalk with the salt marsh views. While oak limbs shade the trail, Spanish moss dips into the water dotted with wading herons. Our true blue Oyster Alley capsule celebrates this sweet spot, where oysters marry the sea, representing the protection that both provide to us. Honor this Lowcountry treasure in these feel-good shades of blue.

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  1. Oyster Alley NecklaceOyster Alley Necklace
    Oyster Alley Necklace Semi-Precious
  2. Oyster Alley Tassel Snap WalletOyster Alley Tassel Snap Wallet
    Oyster Alley Tassel Snap Wallet Signature Linen
    $62.00 $37.20
  3. Beaded WrapBeaded Wrap
    Beaded Wrap Semi-Precious
  4. Palmetto Tree NecklacePalmetto Tree Necklace
    Palmetto Tree Necklace Semi-Precious
  5. Naia Ring NecklaceNaia Ring Necklace
    Naia Ring Necklace Semi-Precious
  6. Naia Band RingNaia Band Ring
    Naia Band Ring Semi-Precious
  7. Naia Drop Hoop EarringsNaia Drop Hoop Earrings
    Naia Drop Hoop Earrings Semi-Precious
  8. Oyster Alley HipsterOyster Alley Hipster
    Oyster Alley Hipster Signature Linen
    $114.00 $68.40
  9. Oyster Alley 449 WalletOyster Alley 449 Wallet
    Oyster Alley 449 Wallet Signature Linen
    $68.00 $40.80
  10. Oyster Alley KeychainOyster Alley Keychain
    Oyster Alley Keychain Signature Linen
    $14.00 $8.40
  11. Oyster NecklaceOyster Necklace
    Oyster Necklace Semi-Precious
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